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Jana's Skincare Studio creates a peaceful atmosphere for her clients to come, relax and focus on their beauty, health and wellness. Jana offers facials, waxing, chemical peels, permanent make-up, body treatments, vein removal and airbrush make-up to meet all her clients specific needs and goals all while running an environmentally conscious business in a stylish and sophisticated setting.

Jana use only the most technologically advanced products and treatments with the purest and highest levels of active ingredients. She wants you to have a fun and memorable experience while you’re with her. Jana encourages you to relax and unwind while she pampers you with style.


Based in Westlake Village since 1992, Jana has an exclusive and demanding clientele at her skincare studio located in The Landing shopping center with a great lake view. The true foundation of her reputation, beyond her knowledge and skills, is her compassionate and caring attitude toward her clients. She has been a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge treatments and products for beauty and anti-aging. 


Jana is a most unusual expert in the beauty world. Her passion in life is to inspire, inform and to help people achieve their true potential for inner and outer beauty. She is totally dedicated to her mission—achieving beauty with integrity, using beauty as a bridge to health and spirituality, to focus her clients' attention on their overall health and well-being while paying attention to what they need to do to maintain their beauty.


Her personal beauty and elegance are eloquent testimony to the value of her philosophy, as well as to her remarkable skills and experience. Jana’s effervescent, compelling personality and ability to communicate with a light, humorous touch, are key ingredients to her success.


The Landing
Lake View
Front Entrance
View From Balcony
Front Door
Treatment Room 1
Treatment Room 2
Waiting Room
La Bella Donna
Jana 'N La Bella Donna
Permnament Make-Up
Eyebrow Waxing
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